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Open Water Swimming Websites, Books and Videos

1. FINA Marathon Swimming World Cup

2. Open Water Race Schedule in the US

3. Open Water Swims Around the World

4. Open Water Swimming Races and Information from America

5. The Lives of Open Water Swimmers

6. English Channel Swimming Association

7. English Channel swimming

8. Catalina Channel Swimming Federation

9. Manhattan Island Swimming Foundation

10. Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club

11. Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

12. Open Water Swimming South Africa

13. German Open Water Swimming

14. Dutch Open Water Swimming

15. Vancouver Open Water Swim Association

16. Video of the London Leg of the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup 2007


Open Water Swimming Books

1. Wind, Waves, and Sunburn: A Brief History of Marathon Swimming by Conrad Wennerberg

2. Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer by Lynne Cox
Available here.

3. Open Water Swimming by Penny Lee Dean
Available here.

4. Interview with Lynne Cox by Gary Libman, Dave Cox

5. Ice Breaker: The Freezing Story of Lynne Cox by John Diconsiglio

6. History of Open-Water Marathon Swimming by Timothy Johnson
Available here.

7. Triathlon Swimming Made Easy: How Anyone Can Succeed in Triathlon (Or Open-Water Swimming) and Triathlon Swimming Made Easy: The Total Immersion Way for Anyone to Master Open-Water Swimming by Terry Laughlin

8. Ultra Swimming by Claudia B. Manley
Available here.

9. Marathon: The World of the Long-Distance Athlete by Gail Campbell

10. The Crossing: The Curious Story of the First Man to Swim the English Channel

11. How to Swim a Marathon by Penny Lee Dean


Open Water Swimming Videos

1. Lane Lines to Shore Lines – Your Complete Guide to Open Water Swimming  by Gary Emich and Phil DiGirolamo
Available here.

2. Swimming From Alcatraz: A Guide for Swimmers and Triathletes

3.Open Water Swimming – Skills, Techniques & Racing Tips DVD by Endurance Films and Michael Collins and Gerry Rodrigues
Available here.

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