Swimming and weight loss

Swimming is not always leading to losing weight. You can see an example of Grant Hackett who even was mentioned in our Heroes section, but he doesn’t look very fit, right? Because any person who can swim 10k shouldn’t automatically look like a Superman.

However, there are ways to lose weight for swimmers. Of course, even considering that swimmers burn calories like no other athletes, if we consider amateurs, with workout of 1 hour in length, the results will differ very much than those of Michael Phelps. Many people enhance their diet with supplements that provide faster result. HCG drops is one of great examples, but you need to know how to choose the real ones and where to buy them, which is probably the most important part. Things like this help to achieve your weight loss goals faster and more effectively.

One of the most common misconceptions about swimming as a weight loss workout is that people expect their pounds and kilograms to go away very fast. At the same time, their swimming doesn’t even suppose losing weight. Look, the main vehicle to enhance metabolism (which in its turn canĀ  or can’t turn your body into a fat-burning machine) is to swim fast. But if you had a look at many people in your pool – they swim slowly, rest for a very long time or even come there to talk to their friends in a steam room or sauna (the latter, by the way, is another addition to your arsenal). After that, they will also expect to loose weight! It may seem funny, but it’s true in 90% of cases.

Now, what to do? The process is actually very simple. We think, it should consist of three stages:

  1. Building initial stamina. First 5-10 times you will go to the pool, just try to set yourself goals and swim longer/more than you did prev. time. Technique is not your main goal at this time. Get a feel of water. Focus on your breathing.
  2. Enhancing technique. This is the vital part. You need a swimming coach who will fix basic flaws in your technique and will build a basis for you to move further. This is actually when you will learn to swim longer strokes, for an extended amount of time and without resting too much. As time goes, your swimming will become effortless and fun (and you won’t consider yourself a martyr).
  3. Improving speed. Now and only now it makes sense. You already have good technique, can swim without long recoveries, and have enough stamina. On this step you will dramatic results in your progress.

The step-by-step process above is very logical and makes a lot of sense. What if you do make some changes to what is described above? Let’s say, try to enhance technique (step 2) without basic stamina? Result: training will not be effective at all. Or, try to improve speed (step 3) without mastering your technique? Actually it’s not likely at all that it can be accomplished. For sure, you will burn some calories anyway, since some workout (if it even can be called this way) will take place, but the process will not be fun at all.

We agree that the process described above is not a fast one, but it’s the one that has results. And what is more important, with even minor tweaks we have advised in second paragraph, you can see almost instant results that will keep you motivated and let you continue & actually completeĀ  your journey.

So, best of luck with your swimming, health and losing weight!