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Prestigious Races Around the World

▪ FINA World Swimming Championships:
     - highly competitive 5K, 10K and 25K races conducted simultaneously with the world championships in pool swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving.
     - Perth, Australia in 1990 (Indian Ocean)
     - Terricina, Italy in 1994 (Mediterranean Sea)
     - Perth in 1998 (Indian Ocean)
     - Fukuoka in 2001 (Sea of Japan)
     - Barcelona in 2003 (Mediterranean Sea)
     - Montreal in 2005 (1976 Olympic rowing basin)
     - Melbourne in 2007 (Tasman Sea)

▪ FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships:
     - highly competitive 5K, 10K and 25K races in biennial years when the World Swimming Championships are not held:
     - Honolulu in 2000 (Pacific Ocean)
     - Egypt in 2002 (Nile River)
     - Dubai in 2004 (river flowing into Persian Gulf)
     - Naples in 2006 (Mediterranean Sea)

▪ LEN Open Water Cup throughout Europe:
     - Highly competitive 3K to 22K races in London, Hungary, Czech Republic,Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Croatia and Turkey for European countries.

▪ FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix:
     - A global series of prize-money races of various distances in Parana, Argentina (88 km), Rosario, Argentina (21 km), Rio Coronda, Argentina (57 km), Capri-Napoli, Italy (36 km), Sabac, Serbia (19 km), Lake Ohrid, Macedonia (30 km), Lac St-Jean, Quebec, Canada (32 km), Lac Memphremagog, Quebec, Canada (34 km), Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA (37 km), and Sumidero, Mexico (15 km).

▪ FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup:
     - a global series of 10-kilometer prize-money races in Santos (Brazil), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Setubal (Portugal), Seville (Spain), London (Great Britain), Roberval (Canada), Vienna (Austria), Belem (Brazil), Shantou (China), Hong Kong, Singapore and Cancun (Mexico) with additional new races in 2009.


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