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▪ The Road to the Olympics
Learn who and how the world's best swimmers qualify for the Olympics.

▪ Race Map of the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim
View the schematic of the Olympic swimming course (.PDF format).

▪ How do the Best Swim?
How do the best swim? - view the world's best swimmers in animation from 26 different angles (side, top, bottom, front, back) and at different speeds.

▪ Good Open Water Workouts

▪ Motivation to do Marathon Swimming

▪ Virtually Swim Against World Champions
Swim against Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin. See Mark Spitz and Janet Evans race against today's world best swimmers. Find out when your best times would have been world records.

▪ Animations
Two leading virtual sports announcers bring their unique observations and insights to the swimming community.

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