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Popular American Races

▪ Atlantic City Around-the-IsIand Marathon Swim:
     - 22.5-mile professional race with historic aquatic battles dating back to 1954 (

▪ RCP Tiburon Mile in San Francisco Bay:
     - prestigious 1-mile race in 60ºF water for a $10,000 1st-place prize with Olympic and world champion swimmers from the USA, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Germany (

▪ Manhattan Island Marathon Swim:
     - scenic 28.5-mile race around New York City where tides play a crucial role (

▪ Great Chesapeake Bay Swim in Maryland:
     - popular 4.4-mile race where swimmers face cross currents, swells, surface chop, hypothermia if the water is cold, nettle stings if the water is warm, and collisions with the bridge supports or rocks surrounding the jetties, islands and causeways (

▪ La Jolla Roughwater Swim in San Diego:
     - end-of-summer tradition since 1916 where over 2,000 swimmers of all ages and abilities compete in races between 250 yards and 3 miles (

▪ Glenn Hummer Huntington Mile in Huntington, Indiana:
     - classic cable-swim in a flat-water lake where many national championships have been held (

▪ Waikiki Roughwater Swim:
     - Labor Day tradition, 2.4-mile ocean race, starting at Diamond Head on Oahu and cross Waikiki, inspiration for the swim portion of the Ironman Triathlon (

▪ Swim Miami:
     - a series of races (800-yard sprint challenge, Miami Mile, 5K and Aquavee 10K) with downtown Miami as a backdrop (

▪ Bonaire EcoSwim and Bermuda Round the Sound Swim in Bermuda:
     - uniquely spectacular races of various distances (0.8K, 1K, 2K, 3K, 5K, 7.25K and 10K) in one of the world’s most beautiful dive destinations. An incredible winter-time adventure (

▪ 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim:
     - 24-mile very warm swim around Florida's largest estuary in the Gulf of Mexico (


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